ChiaoGoo Tip Adapters

ChiaoGoo Tip Adapters

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ChiaoGoo Tip Adapters allow you to join LARGE sized ChiaoGoo needles onto SMALL sized cables, or SMALL needles to MINI cables. which is super helpful if you have an existing collection of ChiaoGoo cables. Simply screw them onto your small cables, screw in your large needle tips and off you go!

To be used with ChiaoGoo Red Interchangeable Cables, or SWIV360 Cables.


  • L/S - fits LARGE sized needles to SMALL sized cable
  • S/M - fits SMALL sized needles to MINI sized cable

Contains 2 per pack.


Important interchangeable tip & cable connections:

  • 1.5mm - 2.5mm tips connect with the MINI size cables 
  • 2.75mm - 5mm tips connect with the SMALL size cables 
  • 5.5mm - 10mm tips connect with the LARGE size cables
    (unless you use these handy adapters!)

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