ChiaoGoo Cable Connectors

ChiaoGoo Cable Connectors

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Chiaogoo Cable Connectors allow you to join multiple cables together to create a longer total cable length.

They are also super helpful to try on top-down garments mid project to check your fit. Simply replace one of your needle tips with a connector and extra cable to quickly expand your circumference, allowing you to try on your garment! 

To be used with ChiaoGoo Red Interchangeable Cables, or SWIV360 Cables.

Contains 2 per pack.


Important interchangeable tip & cable connections:

  • 1.5mm - 2.5mm tips connect with the MINI size cables 
  • 2.75mm - 5mm tips connect with the SMALL size cables 
  • 5.5mm - 10mm tips connect with the LARGE size cables

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