Twisted Stitch Sourcebook

Twisted Stitch Sourcebook

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A breakthrough stitch guide to using simple twisted stitch patterns and mini cables to add interest and beauty to knits and knitwear. 

Master the simple and addictive art of the twisted stitch. The basics are easy to learn, and the design possibilities (and twist combinations that come to light once you begin) are almost endless. Norah Gaughan pioneered this innovative approach to knitting mini cables, and she is passionate about teaching this skill to knitters. The book begins with basics for creating half triangles, and a treasure trove of twisted stitch variations build from there: columns, checkerboards, polygons, grids, half drop repeats, zigzags, and much more.

The book offers 125+ stitch patterns, along with guidance on how the twists are engineered and how knitters can create designs of their own. Norah’s always clear instructions are presented in a conversational, easy to understand voice that proceeds naturally as one twisted stitch leads to the next. Readers can test their newfound skills with the twelve garment patterns included—irresistible designs for hats, wraps, sweaters, and more.

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